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I can’t begin to describe how Nicolas has supported me in being a joyful, peaceful, relaxed, content, full and abundance. Nicolas helps me see my blockages and shows me how to let go of so much to allow love, peace, joy and FUN in my life like I’ve never experienced before.If you’re feeling a pull to work with Nicolas, do whatever it takes to make it happen, he’s worth his value 100 times over!

Ashley Ryan, Ottawa, Canada, Business Owner www.BusyMomsParenting.com




Zsolt Nagy: “I can’t believe how much energy Nicolas has by assisting others to live their purpose! He has the body of inspiration, the mind that turns problems into solutions, and the heart that truly cares for his clients by bringing the best out of them.  He is a lighthouse in the matrix, highly recommended!”



Caroline McIvor: “Nicolas has a lovely energy to be around which helped me feel at ease throughout our session. He effectively held the space and through relevant questioning, encouraged me to explore and understand some of the underlying themes, challenges and opportunities, currently presenting themselves in my life. I felt Nicolas also understood my situation and was able to provide practical advice, as well as energetic healing, to support me on my journey.”


Sam Martin: “”Nicolas! Thank you so much for being you. You are indeed a trust-worthy, supportive and valuable asset to humanity ; ) I’ve learnt so much from our time together and can honestly say that i’ve never met anyone in the empowerment industry as kind, honest, daring, insightful and quick to humour as you. You are great at what you do and you don’t take yourself too seriously – what a mix!”

Video Testimonial From Ashley Ryan

Testimonials from Workshop: Learn to Free Yourself from the prison of the Mind

Acknowledging old patterns that are no longer serving you as the first step to making changes and embracing a new way.  This workshop offers an abundance of easy to follow steps that can be used immediately to take you to a new level of living. Amazing!

–         Dean Quirke

If self realization is what you’re after, this is a fantastic way of spending a Saturday, very worthwhile investment in yourself!

–         Maria Lambi

Come and learn about what is holding you back from achieving what you love to do and be!

–         Muneesh

Come & Learn how to transform your limiting key beliefs.  In this heart felt workshop you’ll see how the beliefs are created & how they are stopping you from being in your full power.

If you’re ready to step into a new way of being, to access and cultivate an open heart then come along and experience Nick’s nurturing and playful workshop.  You won’t be disappointed!

–         Melanie Payne

Testimonials from the workshop: From Confusion to Clarity

Very practical “hands on” self awareness workshop – very worthwhile way to spend a Saturday.

–         Maria Lambi

Wonderfully enriching & inspiring experience. I feel my consciousness and vibration frequency
much lighter and loving.

– Debbie Dunn

From Confusion to Clarity delivered exactly that. I feel as if I received the perfect guidance
for the next steps I am taking with regard to consciousness. The experience was extremely
enjoyable, easy, relatable. I a truly satisfied!

– Elizabeth Martinez

– Elizabeth Martinez

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