The Journey of the Corporate Refugee

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The Journey of the Corporate Refugee: I remember the repetitive days when I was working in a job that was from 8 till 6.  Alarm buzzing at 6:30, the thought “omg is it time to get up already?” I’d quickly get dressed, make a bowl of muslie and then catch the bus to work. After jumping off the bus I’d go to a tiny coffee shop situated in a hole in the wall where I’d get my morning fix and then scurry off to work in the opposite building. It felt like my Monday to Friday were so predictable. I could have copy and pasted what I did today for tomorrow and the next.

The journey of the Corporate Refugee

3 years after my inner flame started to stir and I was really questioning the purpose of my life, who am I and what’s the next step. I felt that the more I got in touch with who I was and the meaning of life the more pointless my work felt.

Eventually it did actually feel like I was prostituting my time for money. I felt trapped inside my body and the only thing that kept me where I was, was the fear of going into the unknown… thoughts such as, what if I can’t pay the rent, what if I can’t get food, what if I end up on the streets? What would others think? The job provided a security blanket that felt predictable, warm and comfortable.

The Universe gave me a wake up call to make a bold step

The universe was preparing for my imminent departure… I experienced an accident where I had torn my ACL and damaged my meniscus in my right knee. I was in crutches and in quite a bit of pain. 5 days after the accident I was booked in to complete my Level 3 Reiki. I felt excited that perhaps I could be supported in healing this rather serious injury. The doctors had all said I would have to get surgery if I was to ever play sport properly again. The Reiki group of 5 worked on my knee throughout the weekend and to my excitement, the crutchers were OFF by the time Monday came. This was a wake up call from the universe. I could feel that I was ready to make a bold step into the unknown without really knowing exactly where I was going.

4 months after the accident I had left my corporate job. I was now officially a corporate refugee.

What is a corporate refugee?

A corporate refugee is a person in transit, moving from what they know and feel comfortable with INTO a new field that reflects or aligns to their purpose/passion and inspiration.

I knew that I resonated with transformation, healing, human behaviour and energy work. So many pieces of the puzzle were missing and all I could do was speak with people from my confused place. By speaking and pondering about the next steps, opportunities opened up. Before I knew it I had been offered a job with an inspirational speaker. I had moved from a super controlled environment to the complete opposite. An environment that was completely “in the flow”, no plans or processes. I felt so out of my comfort zone. Luckily I was a fast adapter.

How I work with corporate refugees?

I worked with the inspirational speaker for 2 years while developing my own coaching and transformation practice. Life offered me mouth sized pieces each step of the way. Sometimes I felt out of my depth and just had to doggie paddle even when it felt like I was surrounded by professional swimmers all around me. Just saying YES and being curious provided the support to take the next step. Being a corporate refugee is a magical process, a mystical journey and a life worth living.

If you are a corporate refugee and would love to experience a deeper level of clarity in your life, see what possibilities exist for you to take the next step AND align your life so you feel like that morning routine is broken into more excitement and passion then book yourself in for a free 30 minute consultation session where we will both get to see if you are ready for the next step.

To do so go to:

I’d love to know in the comments below if you have a similar story of being a corporate refugee or if you have any questions I can answer if you are considering becoming one. 

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