How to transcend beyond the distortions within the mind


How to transcend beyond the distortions within the mind

Do you experience some form of resistance when you are engaging with people? Perhaps they have a different perspective to you. How do you feel in that moment?

Perhaps you’ve been considering evolving your dreams into reality for a long time. Yet the excuses of i’ll get to it eventually or you blame something as a reason to justify the inertia

Every time you experience fear, judgement, resistance, pain, any negative emotion these energies are coming from distortions within the subconscious and unconscious. When your spirit moves through your soul through the unconscious and subconscious mind before it gets projected into 3D physical reality … there is plenty of opportunity for reactions to occur.

Any pattern that remains in the unconscious could be activated at any moment causing an unknown reaction, uncomfortable feeling or even an episode of extreme apathy, depression or some other intense experience.

Having been on the journey consistently for 10 years now, I have noticed from my own personal experience that you could be going and seeing a healer for many years as stuff is coming up all the time. In this age of transformation the rate of change is accelerated and thus I would absolutely love to share with you a powerful practice I use that harmonises and heals these distortions in the most efficient way.

The vibration of forgiveness and compassion neutralises distortions very very quickly. Any negativity or bad karma gets brought back to zero with the power of forgiveness and compassion. These are the 2 most evolved forms of love that you can tap into.

Use the below practice to liberate yourself from the distortions that you only experience yet cannot identify. It takes a high level of self awareness skill to be able to pull these distortions out and so this is an efficient way to move forward.

This practice will cleanse the 4 main archetypes in the psyche that cause the majority of the distortions within your life they include:

a) The Victim
b) The Wounded Child
c) The Prostitute
d) The Saboteur

I recorded this meditation at a group meditation I was invited to host at SGMG.

Click below to listen to it and please comment on how you felt after going through the process.

27.01.2015 THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS MEDITATION WITH NICOLAS PERRIN by Sydneygaymeditationgroup on Mixcloud

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