How to uncover the secrets to your purpose?

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Many have spent lifetimes trying to find “Their purpose”.  Like a lioness prowling the Savannah’s in search of her pray.  It can feel like an illusive search that never ends.  What if your purpose was right under your nose all along? What if the search could be ended right in this moment?  This blog has been born from the inspiration of providing clarity to you right now on bringing purpose in your life today.

For many people I meet in the world, they define purpose as “doing something that adds value, fulfillment and is passionate for them and others.”  This idea has an underlying assumption that purpose is found outside of yourself.  I.e. only when I am “doing” the thing that creates passion/excitement will I feel happy and on purpose.

The message that I will love to share with you today and invite you to explore a new perspective is:

What if purpose is just YOU being your true authentic self to the fullest of your ability in each moment of your life?  Let me explain what I mean.  Imagine that humanity represents one massive puzzle.  When you put all the pieces of the puzzle together you see a beautiful, harmonious, flowing picture that just works perfectly.  Let’s assume that each puzzle piece represents an individual person.  Just imagine if one of the puzzle pieces didn’t want to be that piece and wanted to be like another piece, the total picture would never be complete and would have a missing piece.   The harmony and unity of the total picture would be broken.


Through the media, society, authority people have been encouraged to believe on certain ideas that say:

To be successful you must have: a big house, a beautiful car, a beautiful partner, a job or career that is highly respected and credible etc…

// To be an attractive person you must look like a Holly Wood star

// To be a happy person you must have all the material possessions that goes along being successful.

// To have freedom you must have lots of money.

All of these ideas have pigeon holed people and created a distraction for each individual person to love, embrace and fully live out their unique authentic expression.

The analogy I like to use is when you try and put a circle in a square peg, it doesn’t fit and it creates resistance.  This resistance is the same as pain and suffering which is what most people experience on a daily basis.  Most people have been sold a dream that is not in alignment with their true authentic self and they live in hope that one-day they’ll be happy, successful, beautiful, accepted and respected.

In the last 9 years I have been on a quest for living a fulfilled and purposeful life and now that I am living it.  Here are some powerful offerings I’d like to share with you now:


When you are “Being” the person you were born to be, you then express this Beingness through the ways that bring you the highest level of excitement and joy.  When you follow this simple way, you are living on purpose.

I will use myself as an example:  I live my life from my heart and I know my values, who I am at the deepest of levels.  I choose to express my beingness through writing, inspirational speaking, 1 on 1 coaching, group facilitation.

As my life evolves I may choose to express my beingness in new and different ways.  As I go deeper into “Who am I?” the expressions may evolve because my excitement and joy will shift as I enter different stages in my life.   I am being on purpose despite the evolution of the ways I express myself.

There are 4 main stages that you must look at:

1)    CLARITY: who are you really?  What are your unique attributes, values, gifts, talents and awesomeness?  This is found in your heart not in your mind

2)    JUDGEMENTS: what judgements have you made about yourself that you perceive to “Not be okay”?  Connect to the emotions of Shame (who I am is not okay) and Guilt (what I have done is not okay) as helpers for you to access the actual judgements.

3)    SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Neutralise these judgements so that each aspect of you “just is” You haven’t labeled them in any particular way and just allow them to “be”.  Soon as you label something you place a container around it, which restricts how it can show up in the world.

4)    SELF EXPRESSION: As you develop a stronger and stronger relationship with yourself and you really know & love who you are.  Ask yourself this question: What brings me the highest amount of excitement and joy?  Bring who you are through those expressions.

Next week I will elaborate on these 4 key areas to integrate in living a purposeful life. I will give examples and use analogies to make it simple and effective with some immediate action steps you can take to get your life in the flow now.

Useful Tips to get on purpose now: Close your eyes and get still/present within your body.  You may like to use a meditation to create stillness within your body.

Once you feel you are still, place your right hand on your heart and ask this question:

I give myself permission to explore the following:

a) What are my unique attributes, gifts, talents that I came to planet earth to share with the world?

b) What symbol, image or picture represents the unique puzzle piece I am here to bring?

images-254Allow yourself to access your imagination and allow all this information to naturally flow.  Do not force anything, don’t analyse or over think it.  Just allow your pen to smoothly write and draw whatever comes through.

This is a great start to taking responsibility for your life and claiming your unique puzzle piece.

If you would love support and be guided through a comprehensive process to create a powerful vision, gain clarity on your values, know with certainty on the direction of your life now then contact me by clicking here now Clicking here

Roaringly Yours,

Nicolas Perrin

Inspirational Change Agent

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