Unveiling the 4 myths to experiencing purpose in your life now


Hi this is Nicolas from LionHeart Coaching.  Last week we talked about getting real and honest about life purpose.  In a nutshell, purpose is about bringing out your authentic self into the world.  I learn’t this the hard way.  I thought that when I find that one thing that brings fulfillment into my life, everything would work flawlessly.  What I’ve learn’t is that purpose isn’t what you do.  It’s about accepting all of who you are and knowing yourself at the deepest of levels. How you choose to express it can be done in many ways such as writing, teaching, singing, inventing etc. … If you haven’t read last week’s BLOG then I encourage you to do so as we’ll be building on last week’s principles.


Today’s BLOG is about unveiling and exploring the 4 myths necessary to live a purposeful life.


Here they are as a quick recap:

1)   CLARITY: Who are you really?  What are your unique attributes, values, gifts, talents and awesomeness?  This is found in your heart not in your mind

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2)   JUDGEMENTS: What judgements have you made about yourself that you perceive to “Not be okay”?  Connect to the emotions of Shame (who I am is not okay) and Guilt (what I have done is not okay) as helpers for you to access the actual judgements.

3)   SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Neutralise these judgements so that each aspect of you “just is” You haven’t labeled them in any particular way and just allow them to “be”.  Soon as you label something you place a container around it, which restricts how it can show up in the world.

4)   SELF EXPRESSION: As you develop a stronger and stronger relationship with yourself and you really know & love who you are.  Ask yourself this question: What brings me the highest amount of excitement and joy?  Bring who you are through those expressions.


In last week’s exercise you looked at clarity.  Finding what it was that excites you in life.  I encourage you to complete the clarity exercise in last week’s blog.  Often the answers lie under our nose you just need to take a moment of time to be curious and put pen to paper.  Where are you naturally drawn, pulled which is interesting and fun for you?   I didn’t say, what areas in life are you good at earning money. Earning money is the buy product of expressing value into the world.  It’s an exchange of energy and thus I call it an expression of appreciation.  When our focus is on adding value and being excited about what we are offering, money will flow naturally.


The second category is Judgements.  Whenever we make a judgement we limit ourselves and our experiences in life.  Anything that is judged as “good” or “bad” limits our choices going forward.  The mind’s natural mechanism which works exactly the same for all human beings is: “Run towards pleasure and avoid pain.” However this mechanism is based on how we perceive something.   If we perceive something is going to be painful we’ll avoid it.


Here is a personal example:  5 years ago going onto a stage and presenting/speaking to people was terrifying and scarey for me.  These days going onto a stage is exciting and fun.  The actual experience is exactly the same however the effect taken from the experience is very different.  So how come it’s so different?  It’s the label or judgement made on the event that gives it the effect of being exciting or scary.


Ultimately the place to be is where you are not attached or adverse to anything in life.  You are in a complete balanced place and from this balanced place you actually have complete free choice in what you’d love to experience.  You see attention is a funny thing.  Whatever you focus on is what you get more of.  So people who constantly focus on what they don’t want tend to experience more of what they don’t want.


So how can I free myself from the attachments or aversions I experience in life?

The answer is simple which is to neutralize the energy you have invested in them.  I’ll take you through a quick process now that is easy and effective:


If you close your eyes and take 3 deep breathes.  Bring up a situation or circumstance that you either want to run away from or you feel very attached to.  With your eyes closed notice where you feel the sensations in your body.


If you notice them in more than one place then start to breath into the sensations without judging or labeling them as anything.  Just notice them as energetic sensations.  Breathe into them and allow the feelings to be there.

Freedom lies beyond the feelings and the only reason why people feel stuck is because they avoid them.  Be open and life will flow more effortlessly for you.

For some reason people perceive that feeling the feelings is painful and thus avoid it.  In truth, all feelings are just energy vibrating.  If you bring in that idea while feeling, without creating a story around the feelings, the experience is no big deal!  Try it and give it a go. The freedom you will experience is incredible.


Here are some very common Judgements that people have of themselves or others:


// I am not worthy

// I am not capable

// Bad things always happen to me

// I am unlovable

// I am bad at new things

// Life is dangerous

// People can’t be trusted

// I am never supported

// I have to be the strong one

// My way is the right way


As you begin to neutralize all your attachments (needs) and aversions (fears) and become more balanced.  You will be moving from a place of judgement to more self-acceptance.  When you judge yourself less you judge others less too.


To live on purpose is to accept all of who you are.  Self-acceptance is when you recognize that you are perfectly imperfect and you celebrate all of who you are. If you have judgements of any kind you will create separation, resistance between yourself, others and the world.  This separation is what creates pain and suffering in your life.  When you are able to move out of the paradigm of “right and wrong” and into a paradigm of “what’s useful and not so useful for me” you will be getting to know yourself at a deeper and deeper level.


Next week I’ll go into more detail around self-expression.  I feel that self-expression requires a whole blog for itself.  It’s so important yet can only be fully exercised when we’ve released and integrated enough of the judgements we hold true about yourself and others.


Keep focusing on what you love and prefer in life.  Your mind can’t tell the difference between what you imagine and what you actually see.  Pay attention to what you are focusing on because this will have a significant impact on what is going on in your life.  Allow your roar to be heard and courageously step up in your life even if it’s just a small step.


If you feel stuck or if you would love more clarity about your direction then do get in contact with me.  Let’s setup a complementary 30-minute session where we can explore where you are now and where you’d love to be.  To get in contact click here


My mission is to inspire 10 million people globally, to be self aware individuals living on purpose and evolving into inspirational change makers.  If you start bringing more courage & trust into your life today, you will be amazed at the inspiration that lies within you wanting to burst out.

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