Video 1 of 5: Being yourself is profitable – 3 underlying reasons why people fail to be themselves


We are all born originals yet most people die as copies.

Here are some of the symptoms that would indicate whether you are not being yourself:

// Wanting to please others
// Have a tendency to be “nice”
// Can be great listeners yet find it awkward to share your opinions and perspectives.
// Tend to avoid conflict or confrontational situations
// Tend to blend in & feel/be vanilla
// Feel invisible
// Feel uncertainty or experience self doubt
// Avoid being in the centre of attention – it feels uncomfortable
// Find it difficult to “receive” complements or gifts in life
// Tend to avoid risk & play it safe
// Have a tendency to isolate or withdraw from other people
// Choose safety rather than stepping up

If this matches you then do yourself a favour and check out this video. See if the 3 underlying reasons match up in your life.

Leave a comment on how you avoid being yourself. Through your input and awareness you can support others to see where they are hiding from themselves and give other people new choices.


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