Video 2: Being Yourself is profitable: The 3 Most Powerful Words


Plato, over 2,000 years ago spoke of these words. In my own personal experience and transformational journey, it is the core and essence of evolution.

These 3 powerful words are: KNOW THY SELF.

In this video I explore why people don’t know themselves. The distorted perception of success and how these distorted labels create a false sense of self. I share what main stream society deems to be success and why this is a dangerous trap to fall in. I share and suggest new ways of seeing success that is healthy cultivating authentic self confidence and esteem.

This video explores what gets in the way of knowing self, the symptoms and the 4 main root causes. I then flow onto a high level solution that promotes an inside out approach.

“Be Yourself because everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wild


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