Video 3 – Dealing With Rejection

Welcome back LionHeart,

Time to get our hands dirty and explore the following dream crusher: “I feel scared following my dreams because every time I have challenged the status quo I’ve been put down in the past.”

Let’s start to de tangle the problem:


The underlying issue is I worry what others think of me if I make big changes. I’m scared of being rejected and put down.


Whenever we step outside our comfort zone and, through our actions, challenge the way others are living their life…. their instinctive reaction will often be to put you down.


At an unconscious level, they are afraid that if you succeed it will only make THEM look bad, lazy, or unmotivated and it’s easier if everyone just stays in the same place – rather than stretching and striving to embody our full human potential.


We always have a choice in whether we will accept their judgement or not.


Every conversation is only ever a request and my suggestion is to always feel within your own heart whether their suggestion is in alignment to your values and whether it is “empowering you” or “disempowering you”.


Be gracious and thank them for their perspective – recognising that it is only a perspective.


The individual is seeing the world through their filters, lenses and limited perceptions. Ultimately, the only person who knows what is best for you is YOU.


Judgement is the glue that keeps our limitations intact. Once we start to let go of the fear of rejection and judgement life starts to flow a lot easier.
The unconscious beliefs that are inherent in this scenario is, “the need to belong, the need to be loved & the need for approval & validation.” As you start to recognise
these unconscious drivers and realise that once you start to approve of you, the need to look outside of yourself for validation will start to drop quickly.




1) Start to find like-minded people who are looking at living on purpose and being an inspiration in the world.


There are many great groups on Meetup – have a look to see what you can find there.


I hold a group every Monday called the Authentic Change Makers in Sydney. So, if you’d like to be connected to a community of people then I encourage you to join us. Go to meetup and search “Authentic Change Makers” for more details.


2) Recognise that all judgements from others are coming from their own limiting beliefs and perceptions.


Their remarks are not empirically true or perhaps even relevant to you. What I mean is don’t buy into their story or perspective because more often than not it’s a disempowered perspective. With you stepping up, their limited beliefs are being challenged and unconsciously they are defending these beliefs without awareness.


3) Start building and cultivating trust within your own mind.


We often look for the answers outside of us when we don’t trust ourselves.

Stop asking people for advice and start to formulate your own solutions taking 1 step at a time.

Remembering that failure doesn’t actually exist. Failing only occurs when we give up on our dreams all together.

Making a mistake means we have the opportunity of learning something new and then with the new knowledge taking another step forward.

If we come from a place of adventure, excitement and curiosity, life will tend to be on our side.

Remember that “Fortune favours the brave” which means making decisions on things you may not have any experience in.

Follow your gut instinct because your intuition knows the next best step for you.


4) If you notice that you are compromising your own dreams to belong, to be loved or accepted by others then refer to the process I shared in my previous video that will support you in letting go of these limitations. A great start is to notice where the resistance is in the body and start feeling & breathing into the resistance.


My name is Nicolas Perrin and stay tuned for further empowering insights – you can create the dreams of your life.

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