Video 4 – Navigating the Unknown

Welcome back to the den, LionHeart!

Let’s get messy with this dilemma: “I’m scared of making mistakes and I don’t know how to navigate situations that are filled with the unknown. How can I be more empowered in making decisions quickly and with certainty?”


De tangling the problem:


When we don’t trust ourselves and life we tend to experience a lot of self doubt, worry and anxiety. The belief that reinforces this is: “others know best and others know more than me.”


This is directly caused by being disconnected from your heart and living your life purely from your mind. The disconnection within yourself is the cause for the fear of things not working. The belief that is attached to this fear is “I’m not supported & I have to do it alone.”


Another deep causal factor is, having a negative definition to “being in the unknown”. This definition is believing that I am not supported and that life is hard, struggle filled and difficult.


If we shift this definition to…


The only thing I’m going to find in the unknown is more of who I truly am. Life is a beautiful unfolding adventure, with plenty of surprises AND I know I have the skills, gifts and talents to handle anything that comes my way. I will only receive challenges, which are really opportunities, for me to strengthen & become more empowered.


This new perspective is an empowered perspective – instead of a victim mentality which is “woe is me”, life is always against me, bad things always happen to me, etc…


There are 4 solutions that I can offer you today:


First Solution is: Start by setting an intention to open up your heart. Your heart already knows the answers and unless you are able to tap into your intuition you will be using your mind only – which only references past experiences which may not be useful or relevant to your new endeavours.


People that only use their mind tend to get stuck and often are fearful rather than courageous. Courage is a quality of the heart.


Go on Youtube and search for “Heart opening meditations” to support in your transformation.


If you’ve experienced trauma or have avoided feeling your emotions for a long time my recommendation is to seek out an energetic healer or body/somatic psycho-therapist. Both have been very useful and extremely beneficial in my own evolution as a human being.


Second Solution is: Practice moving your awareness from your head and into your body.


Close your eyes take 3 deep breaths and imagine that you are placing your awareness in different parts of the body.


Stay in each body part for 10 seconds feeling the sensations that you notice in each body part.
For example: Close your eyes and move your attention into your left ankle, now move your attention to your right knee etc etc …


Third Solution is: Set powerful intentions to create new opportunities in your life. Intentions are important because your declaration of what it is you prefer is always heard. Once an intention has been set, the only necessary action from your part is to be in alignment with your desired outcome. If you are out of alignment, you will need to let go of the resistance that is preventing the intention from manifesting in your life.


Within my coaching programs I support individuals to become aligned to their dreams so instead of struggling or not getting what they prefer they start to realise that by getting into alignment and allowing what it is you really want, results start flying in thick and fast.


Here is an example of how to structure an intention… Drop into the body, go into a feeling space and then say “My intention is that I am now receiving new opportunities to connect with new dream clients where I can create a win/win scenario for all concerned now. Thank you for it is now done.”


Energy goes where our attention goes – so be mindful of what you are focusing on.


Fourth Solution is: Start to use your intuition to make decisions.


Trust your gut instinct because intuition goes beyond what you intellectually understand & know. Your heart is connected to everything in the universe and thus you can receive any answers or information that you require once you trust & know how to use your intuition.


One fun exercise is to write YES, NO or WAIT on a piece of paper. Set an intention using the structure I provided earlier. Close your eyes and then place the pieces of paper in your hand and see which one gives you the most energy/pull or sensation. Take the necessary action on the answer you receive & trust it fully.
My name is Nicolas Perrin and stay tuned for further insights. If you’d like support in getting unstuck in life, living on purpose and being an inspirational change maker please contact me and we’ll arrange a complementary session to see if we are aligned and how I can support you in bringing your dreams to the forefront in your life.

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