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Are you ready to live your authentic purpose and evolve into an inspirational change maker?
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Workshops and Events

Group workshops are an excellent way to learn more about yourself through others.  All the workshops I run support you to:

  • Bring out your Authentic Self,
  • Become more heartfelt and real in your life
  • Create an empowered, positive and abundant mindset
  • Learn to express yourself in a confident and clear way
  • Letting go of limitations to live a limitless life

See below for the current line up of upcoming workshops and events.



Authenticity Speaks

Very few people authentically express themselves from their heart & share all of who they are.

  • Are you longing to be able to powerfully, clearly and authentically express who you are & share your message to others?
  • Do you long to feel absolute freedom within?
  • Are you afraid to be fully seen, heard and share your truth with others?

The good news is we hold a regular event where individuals who are looking at refining their message of truth & are choosing to practice their authentic self expression get together to receive support, inspiration and connection.  Come along and experience a transformative, mind altering, magical gift.
Click below for more information:

Learn More Here – In Mosman/Sydney

 the authentic change makers

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 5.52.41 pmStepping into Authenticity and letting go of “normality” can be challenging at times.

  • Do you feel isolated and alone now that you have committed to the path of self discover?
  • Do you have a vision or dream that is flickering in the depths of your gut yet you are still sitting on it?
  • Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone and fully embrace “The Unknown”?

The good news is we hold a weekly community event where people like you get together to receive support, inspiration and connection.  Come along and meet other like minded and open hearted people on the same journey as you …. to become an empowered inspirational change agent.
Click below for more information

542937_192753880863918_1125787958_n-1“I feel more connected and supported.”

“I attended one of Nic Perrins workshops. It allowed me to connect with other people and notice the world around me. The exercises and course content allowed me to keep learning new things, have goals to look forward to, find ways to bounce back and be at ease around a mental health challenge I faced.
I felt comfortable with who I was and it meant alot to me that through awareness I was able to be part of something bigger.
Ways to increase my self acceptance and inner critic, ways to let go and reflect on my own thoughts, particularly silly, negative ones and learn how to live with them.
The workshop reminded me of the good things in life and to balance emotional and physical health.
At the end, I felt supported, at ease and open to more awareness about myself and life. I would strongly recommend the Inner Critic workshop and grasp all the changes moving forward.”
~ Nikolaos Vlachos


Releasing inner critic

tn[1]It’s easy to hold ourselves back from life and play within the box of normality.  If you:

  • Doubt your actions or Worry what others may think of you,
  • Tend to focus on what is not working or judge yourself or others,
  • Fears or Concerns that hold us back from our potential.

The good news is this 1 day workshop is for you.  Click below on how you can find out more information in reclaiming your power and experiencing true freedom in your life.

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