Authenticity Speaks


A platform to support difference makers who are choosing to find their authentic voice and potently express their inspirational message to the world.  Join a community of committed individuals that are excited about stepping up and refining their message to light up the hearts of humanity while creating  global impact.

The vision of Authentic Communication

Deep within your heart, do you know that you are here to make a difference? Perhaps the thought of being a revolutionary leader scares you OR you experience the Yo-Yo effect of feeling the potential then flipping into the self-doubt? It is said that unless you have a vision that scares you, you’re playing life too small and safe.

Stepping into your purpose and choosing your soul's destiny is an epic choice that will provide you with the most extraordinary life experience. Like the hero’s journey, having a singular focus on what it is you’d absolutely love, all your inner demons will present themselves to you at some point on the journey.

Having a training ground to build a strong and stable foundation is essential. Great soulful leaders such as visionaries, truth seekers, wisdom keepers and difference makers aren’t built over night. Like a piece of coal that is placed under extraordinary pressure over a period of time to transform into the magnificent diamond that exists within. It's not about the destination rather the experience of change that your soul desires.

Authenticity Speaks is a heart centred platform that supports individuals like you to find your authentic voice, open yourself up to higher inspirations and purposes that are waiting to be birthed through you into the world.

Join a committed group of difference makers who are excited about creating new realities for themselves and humanity as we all go through a tremendous paradigm shift. You have a unique piece of the puzzle that the collective will benefit from if you choose to stand in your highest purpose. You have all the innate gifts and resources that will assist you in flowering in the most exquisite way possible.

For this to happen, it does require trust, commitment, focus and a decision within your heart that you choose to step into your potential and be all that you can be in this life.



  • People who know that speaking, is a medium that is important for their personal journey & soul expansion.
  • Have resisted or avoided stepping into speaking because of feeling hesitant, fearful of the experience, unsure what I can offer as a speaker or other blocks.
  • People who are committed to their spiritual evolution to know self at the deepest of levels.
  • People excited to explore self expressive abilities & untapped gifts
  • People who have wisdom but feel trapped, invisible, suppressed, repressed in being able to express this out to the world
  • People choosing to speak from the heart rather than the head
  • Change Instigators, truth seekers, trailblazers, difference makers looking to move into a life that is purpose focused, aligning to soul destiny and choosing to make a difference in the world.
  • People who are aligned to the awakening of humanity and the consciousness shift of the planet


  • Welcome & Connecting to the highest vision of the group
  • Group Meditation
  • Check ins & inviting everyone into the space
  • Presence, Energetic & Grounding Exercises
  • Speaking & Feedback
  • Gratitude & Appreciations

This group has been running since November 2014 and continues to evolve and shift. I welcome your energy and consciousness into the space.


  • Deeper sense of freedom & expansion when speaking. Just imagine feeling a sense of lightness and excitement when speaking to a group.

  • Find your authentic voice & connect to the power source within to express your message with potency and aliveness

  • Empowerment: Having potent tools that support you to be present, centred in your body while speaking

  • Feeling confident and comfortable in your skin while expressing yourself to others. 

  • Embody a powerful presence when speaking to others

  • Transform / Let go of resistance and blocks that is preventing effortless self expression from the heart

  • Be able to speak from the heart as you let go / trust / surrender to your higher self.

  • Know how to attach consciousness and energy to your words that create a transmission to positively influence your audience in a multi dimensional way. 

  • Know what you stand for & feel excited about what you have to share with the world.

  • Open up your channel to your higher nature/self to download & receive inspirations from the divine source.

  • Tap into your eccentric and unique subtle flavours that make you “you”

To step into your dream life will require you to face your demons. This training platform will gently and lovingly provide all the support you require to break free from the limitations of the mind so that your mind can serve the intelligence of the heart.

Step into a reality where you experience flow and grace in your life and business. Feel a sense of excitement and curiosity with your life & business as you become the revolutionary and visionary leader that you were born to be.


My name is Nicolas Perrin and I have transitioned out of Corporate banking as a corporate refugee on a quest to know who I truly am AND to live a life that is completely aligned to my highest purpose and soul destiny. It’s been an epic journey where I feel grateful for all the challenges, people and events that have unfolded in my life to support me to be where I am now. I choose to serve and support others who would love to experience life from the perspective of wonderment, awe, curiosity and excitement.

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