From Confusion to Clarity

The Purpose:

Sick of feeling stuck in the 3D matrix reality of fear, limitation & insecurity still doing what you’ve always done? You feel you have something special to share with the world? One of the biggest problems experienced by most people is a lack of clarity on what inspires them. With so many options available in today’s world come and be supported in finding out with crystal clear clarity what is your passion/purpose/gifts & talents, remove the fear obstacles that are holding you back & start to witness the magic of consciously manifesting your reality & becoming your own inner master.

Learn to:

  • Bring Awareness to all areas of your life so to receive clarity on your true passion & love.
  •  Create effortless inspired action that is aligned to your heart.
  • Learn the truth behind conscious manifesting & how you are creating your life moment to moment.
  • You will learn how resistance is holding you back from your truth, desires and passions.
  • Learn and experience the importance of creating an alignment between the heart, mind and hand.
  • Become aware of the difference between heart intentions and mind agendas.
  • You will walk away having cleared resistance holding you back from your heart desires, received clarity on your truth and leave feeling with:
    • Clarity
    • Inspiration
    • Fulfillment
    • Empowerment

The time to take inspired action is now:

What will your life be like in 5 years time if:

  • You’re still holding onto heavy emotions
  • You feel resistance from limiting beliefs that is holding you back from your true potential.
  • Fear dominates your life

Transform limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, past traumas into Self Acceptance

Venue: ICON, 45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW

Date/Time: 24 March ’13 9am till 6pm

Testimonial by Elizabeth Martinez

Expressions of Appreciation:

Cash or Direct Bank deposit

Early Bird: $147 by 11th March ‘13

Full Price: $167

Direct Deposit:

Name: Mr. Nicolas L Perrin

BSB: 342 080

A/C Number: 169584412

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To book now and secure your seat email Nicolas Perrin at or call 0402 965 272


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