Evolving Consciousness


Evolving Consciousness Events are a series of intimate evenings where you will get to experience specific pieces of knowledge & wisdom in an experiential way to powerfully upgrade your consciousness. All guests who are invited to par-take in the Evolving Consciousness arena are masters in their craft and are either wisdom keepers or truth seekers at the soul level.

Community events to nourish & awaken

The purpose of this series is to support you to learn about topics that are relatively unknown or hidden from society. To awaken the sleeping giant of humanity from ignorance into awareness.

This event is a community event where you can connect with others from an open heart. The time to come together, to feel comfortable in being you and having fun is essential.

Meeting up with other open hearted, conscious and like minded individuals creates the bonds and connections that support a vibrant and healthy community

Come and join an intimate group of 30 people as we journey together in a powerful heart centred field to expand in self awareness, increase the light in our energetic fields, align more profoundly to the deeper truths of the universe and ultimately support the awakening of humanity at this crucial time.

Meet new people, learn new things and experience life from a new perspective.

If you are new to a particular episode then come along with a curious open mind and see what is alive for you. Transformation, new levels of awareness and clarity in life are all possible while being connected to openness with discernment. Give these modalities a chance, take the time to find it once and the once may become many times.

Please only book if you are 100% committed to coming along. Limited to 30 spots only.

Suggested cash donation on the night $20 to $50.



My name is Nicolas Perrin and I have transitioned out of Corporate banking as a corporate refugee on a quest to know who I truly am AND to live a life that is completely aligned to my highest purpose and soul destiny. It’s been an epic journey where I feel grateful for all the challenges, people and events that have unfolded in my life to support me to be where I am now. I choose to serve and support others who would love to experience life from the perspective of wonderment, awe, curiosity and excitement.

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