Free Yourself From The Prison Of The Mind

The Purpose:

To support the self-empowerment of individuals in a space that allows self-realization. This 1 day workshop is to show people how their limiting beliefs, past traumas, self sabotaging patterns & energetic blockages hold you back from your true potential and the empowered you!
Learn to:

• Bring Awareness to all areas of your life so to acknowledge the reflections in your life now.
• You will learn how limiting beliefs hold you back.
• Learn the difference between your truth and beliefs.
• Actively engage in a safe open space to bring up and release limiting beliefs, past emotional traumas, self-sabotaging patterns & energetic blockages.
• Learn the purpose of the mind and how to best utilize it so it serves you for your highest and best.
• The impact emotions have on the body and the vicious cycle between thought and emotion.
• You will walk away having left your emotional baggage, past traumas & limiting beliefs which you choose to acknowledge at the door and leave feeling:
o Open
o Inspired
o Relief
o Empowered

The time to take inspired action is now:

What will your life be like in 5 years time if:

  • You’re still holding onto heavy emotions
  • You feel resistance from limiting beliefs that is holding you back from your true potential.
  • Fear dominates your life

Transform limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, past traumas into Self Acceptance

Testimonials from Workshop: Learn to Free Yourself from the prison of the Mind

Acknowledging old patterns that are no longer serving you as the first step to making changes and embracing a new way. This workshop offers an abundance of easy to follow steps that can be used immediately to take you to a new level of living. Amazing!

– Dean Quirke

Come & Learn how to transform your limiting key beliefs. In this heart felt workshop you’ll see how the beliefs are created & how they are stopping you from being in your full power.

If you’re ready to step into a new way of being, to access and cultivate an open heart then come along and experience Nick’s nurturing and playful workshop. You won’t be disappointed!

– Melanie Payne


Venue: ICON, 45 Oxford Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Date/Time: 10 March ’13 9am till 6pm

Expressions of Appreciation:

Cash or Direct Bank deposit

Early Bird: $147 by 5th 4 March ‘13

Full Price: $167

Direct Deposit:

Name: Mr. Nicolas L Perrin

BSB: 342 080

A/C Number: 169584412

To pay by credit card click below:


To book now and secure your seat email Nicolas Perrin at or call 0402 965 272

Limited seats available so book now



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