Group Awakening Heart Meditation Events

Group Awakening

Heart Meditation Events

The Group Awakening Heart Meditation events is a community event to support you and others in this time of immense transformation and shifting that is occuring on the planet at this time. It is essential at this time to come back to your core. To have a deep and grounded sense of self through having a potent and alive connection with source intelligence. Shining your light into the world is a powerful way that you can be of service at this time. In order for this to be a reality, it is important that you have a space where you can come and meditate, refuel, re-align and upgrade your consciousness. This community group offers all of this in a grounded and practical way. 

A safe, vibrant, sacred and potent space that is highly energised and supports the evolution of consciousness. A space to awaken and remember who you truly are. To shift from body conscious awareness to soul conscious awareness and to go down the path of the heart. To truly know thy self requires a shift in consciousness that is an internal experience. Join a group energy to support in your ascension, awakening and enlightenment as a spiritual being having a human experience

An extraodinary number of benefits exist and are available if you make a strong commitment and decision to be a part of this community.

// Calm and peaceful mind

// Feel a deepened sense of fulfilment within you

// Feel secure and confident within yourself

// Improved ability to focus yourself

// Increased energy levels and vitality

// Deepened sense of empowerment and new possibilities are available in life

// Harmonious relationships with other people

// Feel more balanced and improve your capacity

// Better decision making abilities

// More creativity and inspirational ideas

// Clarity on how you'd love to live your life

// Understanding of how reality works and best to navigate it

Join a beautiful meditation group that will re-energise, bring peace and stability into your life. The space that is created will rebalance you in a gentle & profound way.

Whether your intention is to have more balance in your life, a calmer mind, freedom from negative thoughts, less stress, healing, personal growth, better focus, better decision making, tapping into a deeper sense of inner power or spiritual awakening – meditation is a powerful tool for all of these intentions and more.


The evening will consist of:

(1) Breath work & dropping into the body

(2) Releasing & Healing Experience

(3) Sound Healing & recalibrating the body to peace

(4) 1st Meditation Practice, with Sam: (20min)

(5) 2nd Meditation Practice, with Nicolas: (20min)

(7) Group Sharing

(8) Gratitude & Appreciation

My name is Nicolas Perrin and I have transitioned out of Corporate banking as a corporate refugee on a quest to know who I truly am AND to live a life that is completely aligned to my highest purpose. It’s been an epic journey and I can’t thank life for all the challenges, people and events that have unfolded in my life to support me to be where I am now. I choose to serve and support others who would love to experience life from the perspective of wonderment, awe, curiosity and excitement.

I have completely transformed who I am and realize that the path of the heart is the path of least resistance. I would love for you to join me and other committed difference makers to step into your genius, magnificence and surprise yourself on how much you have to offer yourself and the world.

As part of the human condition feeling fear around being rejected or judgement from others are all hoops that must be handled. Feeling afraid of stepping into the unknown or looking for security and safety in the external world are all sign posts you are going through a wonderful transition.

Playing life small, holding yourself back or hiding from life are common strategies that keep you safe but at a huge cost. The cost is the regret of not living a life to the fullest. If you say yes to life, life will say yes to you.

Join this intimate and heart-centred community to go on an evolutionary journey where you will find the riches that already exist within your heart. The time to access and express these riches is now. The world needs your essence as we go through this extraordinary transformation at the collective level.

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